The Best Weight Watcher Dessert Recipes

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weight watchers dessert recipes

Create your own delicious Weight Watchers Desserts with these recipes. There is no need to spend a fortune, when you can do it yourself. These recipes are great, easy and can be fun if you think about it. Don’t suffer and watch  others eat delicious goodies in front of you. Make your own, and let others look at your yummy desserts in awe. Some of these desserts and recipes can be used for breakfast foods, or they would make great recipes for parties and  more! Points shown for the recipes that have the value displayed.


  1. Raw Chocolate with Oats
  2. Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs – 2 Points
  3. Simple Healthy Cream Pops
  4. Chocolate Banana Crepes – 3 Points
  5. Healthy Mason Jar Cheese Cake
  6. Carrot Cake &  Cream Cheese Icing
  7. Lemon Muffins – 1 Point
  8. Cheater Cheesecake
  9. Strawberry Cool Whip Cookies
  10. Apple Snickers Salad
  11. Macaroons – 1 Point each
  12. Vanilla Latte Mouse Shooters – 1 Point
  13. Sugar Free Dessert Mints
  14. Strawberry Cream Smoothie
  15. Cookie Dough Dip – 3 Points
  16. Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies
  17. Low Carb Banana Bread Bites 2- Points

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