FREE – Baby Sling! Just Pay Shipping!

When my kids were tiny I used the SevenSlings carrier and just LOVED it! Get one FREE by using promo code “FREE” at checkout! There are a ton of styles to choose from! You can also upgrade to a sling/Baby Legwarmer/Bracelet combo for just $5! Shipping $11.95

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  1. I ordered one. After I ordered they gave me the code “carseat” to get a free nursing cover from

    or you can use the same code for a carseat cover for another site they have listed, but I forgot to write down the other website.

  2. The other website that Jenee mentioned is You can use the “carseat” code and get a free carseat code. You can use the “carseat” code on that and for the free nursing cover, no limit.

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