Stores that Double Coupons By State

Most grocery stores have regional policy differences when it comes to doubling coupons. I have compiled a list of stores readers have let me know that double (by state).

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There may be some policy variances by location and you may need a paper coupon or ad in order to take advantage of doubling (or tripling) Please make sure to contact your shopping location BEFORE you shop to make sure you know the policy.

Want to add to the list? Comment on this post with stores that double in your area!
  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
    • Basha’s ($.50, sometimes triples)
    • Phoenix – Fry’s Food
    • Safeway
  • Arkansas
    • Cabot – Kmart ($.90)
    • Cabot – Kroger ($.60)
    • Conway – Kroger (up to $.60)
    • Northwest Region – Harp’s ($.50)
    • CV’s Family Foods
    • Harp’s
    • Price Cutter’s
  • California
    • Murietta/Temecula – Vons (one like item per transaction)
    • Imperial Beach – Wally’s Market ($.75)
    • Imperial Beach – Von’s ($1)
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Shoprite
  • Shop & Stop
  • Delaware
  • Florida
    • Hitchcock’s (.$50)
  • Georgia
    • Trenton – Bi-Lo
    • Kroger ($.50)
    • Publix ($.50)
    • Fred’s – Saturday’s only
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
    • Chillicothe – Kroger ($.50)
  • Indiana
    • Indianapolis – Kroger
    • Indianapolis – Meijer
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
    • Dillons (up to $.50; $.51-$.99 rounded up to $1)
    • Homeland ($1, 1 like coupon per visit)
  • Kentucky
    • Lexington – Kroger
    • Lexington – Meijer
    • Bowling Green – Kroger ($.50)
    • Louisville – Kroger
    • Louisville – Meijer (2 like coupons per transaction)
    • Louisville – ValuMarket
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
    • Frederick – Giant (up to $.99, one like coupon per transaction)
    • Safeway up to $.99
    • Weis will up to $.50
  • Massachusetts
    • Stop & Shop ($.99)
    • Shaw’s ($.99)
    • Price Chopper ($.99)
  • Michigan
    • Lambertville – Krogers
    • Lambertville – Food Town
    • Flint – Meijers
    • Flint – VG’s
    • Flint – Kroger
    • Coldwater – Meijer’s ($.50)
    • Coldwater – Family Fare ($.50)
  • Minnesota
    • Rainbow Foods – Wed/Sat, total must be $25 before coupons, only the 1st 5 on top of your pile are doubled, tip from reader Diane: try to split your basket into 2 transactions equalling $25/ea so u can dbl 5 more on the 2nd transaction, do as many transactions as u need to in order to the dlb the most
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
    • Springfield – Dillards (daily)
    • St Louis – Dierbergs
    • St Louis – Schnucks
  • Montana
    • Schnucks
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • ShopRite
  • Bergen County – A&P
  • Pathmark
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Price Chopper
  • Stop & Shop ($.99, limit 12)
  • Waldbaums
  • King Kullen ($1, limit 4)
  • Wegman’s
  • Top’s
  • Rockland County – Shoprite
  • North Carolina
  • Lowes Foods ($.99, 20 per day limit, 4 like coupons per)
  • Farm Fresh ($.99 each, every day and on Wednesdays ONLY will double $1.00 coupons. 20 coupons per a person per a day)
  • Bi-Lo
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Perrysburg – Krogers
  • Giant Eagle ($.99)
  • Oklahoma
  • Ponca City – Food Pyramid
  • Oregon
  • Portland – Albertsons (doubles up to $1, need doublers found only in Sunday paper) RECENTLY rounded up to $1 with no limit
  • Portland – Safeway (doubles up to $.50 4 per week – doubler in Tuesday Ad)
  • Pennsylvania
  • Giant Eagle ($.99)
  • Shop n Save ($.99)
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Publix (up to $.50, also accepts competitor coupons)
  • Charleston – BiLo ($.60)
  • Harris Teeter ($.99, sometimes triples too)
  • Bi-Lo ($.60)
  • South Dakota
  • Rapids City – Safeway
  • Tennessee
  • Clarksville – Fred’s (up to $.70 SATURDAY only)
  • Texas
  • El Paso – Albertsons
  • El Paso – Big 8 (occassionally)
  • Houston/Sugarland – Randall’s ($.50)
  • Weatherford – Albertsons (triples up to. 39 and doubles up to. 75)
  • Utah
  • Walmart (select locations)
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Alexandria – Shoppers
  • Farm Fresh ($.99 each, every day and on Wednesdays ONLY will double $1.00 coupons. 20 coupons per a person per a day.)
  • Washington
  • Albertsons (Select areas, see Oregon for specifics)
  • Washington, D.C.
  • West Virginia
    • Vienna – Walmart
  • Wisconsin
  • Oak Creek – Pick’n’Save ($1, 5 per transaction Wednesdays)
  • Sheboygan – Pick’n’Save (Wed & Sat only)
  • Wyoming

*Please remember to contact your grocery store to make sure you know the doubles policy BEFORE you shop – some WILL vary their policy by location!

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Carol is a full-time mom to twins and part-time blogger to the world. She lives in Oregon and loves bacon. And zombies. But mostly bacon.


  1. Massachusetts – both Stop & Shop and Shaws double coupons up to .99 cents.

  2. Might want to add that the Portland Safeway doublers are found in the Tuesday ad.

    Also, my parents are from Arizona, and I know Basha's there doubles coupons up to $.50 at all times and sometimes triples.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rapid City, SD Safeway also does doubles!

  4. Houston/sugarland Texas-
    Randalls doubles (.40-.50) first like coupon and triples up to .30 first like coupon.

  5. Georgia FREDs doubles up to 70cents on Saturdays only.

  6. Crazy Twin Mom says:

    In Eastern North Carolina and South Eastern Virginia, Farm Fresh doubles coupon up to $.99 each, every day and on Wednesdays ONLY will double $1.00 coupons. Their policy states 20 coupons per a person per a day.

  7. CV'S Family Foods in Arkansas does as well!
    So do Harps and Price Cutter stores!

  8. in south baldwin county, al, the only one i know of is bruno's…they double up to 50 cents. winn dixie, publix, walmart, etc, don't double b/c of awesome deals and whatnot. bruno's sales are never good, so they rely on doubling, i spose.

    • there is a brunos left?? all of ours closed down that are anywhere near where I am. (elmore county)

  9. Christina says:

    Metro Phoenix Area – Frys Food

  10. Hitchcocks in Florida doubles up to 50 cent.

  11. Albertsons in Weatherford TX triples up to. 39 and doubles up to. 75 everyday.

  12. Kansas: Dillons doubles up to $0.50. Coupons from $0.51 to $0.99 are rounded to $1.00

    Homeland: doubles up to and including $1.00 but will only 1 of the same coupon per trip

  13. In Connecticut Shop Rite and Stop & Shop double coupons.

  14. In NY, Stop and Shop doubles up to .99. There is a limit of 12 coupons doubled. So does Waldbaums. King Kullen in NY doubles up to $1 but only on 4 items.

  15. The Walmart in Vienna, WV doubles coupons – they're going into the second month of a three-month test. Of course, we hope corporate decides to roll it out nation-wide.

  16. Anonymous says:

    In NJ- Pathmark Doubles up to .99

  17. ShabbyBoutique says:

    In MO Schnuck's doubles everyday, but the doubling amount varies by store so you have to check each store.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Louisville, KY – Kroger up to $.50, Meijer up to $.50, can only use 2 identical coupons in one transaction, ValuMarket up to $.50

    • I am never limited (coupon amounts or number of coupons) from either Meijer or Kroger.I shop at both places just because of that!~Also,Meijer accepts all competitor’s coupons!I use my Kroger coupons there if they have a better deal.-Ohh,and I had no idea about ValuMarket-thanks!

  19. Maggie @ Tethered Mommy says:

    Shop Rite also doubles in Rockland County NY. A&P doubles in Bergen County, NJ.

  20. Melanie Harding says:

    In Louisiana, Cannata’s Food World, locations in Morgan City and Houma, double coupons up to .60. Doubling cannot exceed price of item. Also, Fred’s Dollar Store in Patterson doubles up to .70 (?).

  21. Does anyone know of ANY stores in IL that double? Do they think we make too much $ up here or something? I wish we had stores that doubled.

  22. Regina @ The Tampa Bay Saver says:

    You can add to Georgia that Harvey’s doubles (at least in Cordele they do).

  23. Safeway and ACME in Delaware double

  24. Pennsylvania… Weis/Mr Zs stores double coupons every day, up to $1!

  25. Sylvia, I’m in south suburban Chicago, and KMart does a week of doubling every so many weeks. I believe they are doing one right now, check your sale ad. They usually do coupons up to $0.99.

  26. Celeste Sanders says:

    BI-LO in GA and TN

  27. In Maine ~ Shaw’s stores double coupons up to $0.99, 4 like coupons per transaction (you can use as many like coupons as you want, but only 4 of each coupon under 99 cents will double.)

  28. Colorado Springs, CO King Soopers stores and Safeway. Albertons sometimes does and it will be in thier weekly ad when they do.

  29. North Carolina – Kernersville and Winston Salem, ■Harris Teeter ($.99, sometimes triples too), FREDs doubles up to 70cents on Saturdays only.



    • Pick N Save & Copps in the Madison area also double coupons. It’s every Wednesday and most Saturdays. You can double up to 5 – $1.00 off coupons with a $25 order.

  31. I’m so disappointed in Illinois. In the St Louis metro area including south Illinois, Schnucks and Dierbergs double coupons 40 cents and less.

    • Just realized you might think I was disappointed in you, but I’m not! I’m disappointed in Illinois because more grocery stores here haven’t gotten on board with doubling coupons!

  32. I am from IL and the Kroger store in Chillicothe will double your coupon up to $.50. Its a great store to to use coupons at and also with your Krogers card you are able to save big! Just thought I’d let you know because there was not any from Il on ur site. Sasha

  33. I wish Alabama would get with the rest of the country and get some decent stores..all i have in a 50 mile radius is a walmart and a winn dixie, neither of which double anything :(

  34. Tarra Hanson says:

    Shaw’s in Maine and New Hampshire double coupons up to 99 cents (limit only 4 “like” coupons will double, doesn’t allow overage)

  35. Food City in Maine also doubles coupons up to $.99

  36. Maryland – Giant in the Baltimore County area doubles up to $.50 , but sometimes they have special weeks or in-flyer coupons that allow doubling up to $.75 or $1.00 (but those are usually limited quantity). Shop Rite in Timonium always doubles up to $.50. Super Wal Mart in Cockeysville has great prices but never doubles anything! Target in Cockeysville doesn’t double any amount but they offer $.05 for each reusable bag you use at checkout.


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