Swagbucks: Swag Code Treasure Hunt! Up to 60 Swab Bucks Today!

Swagbucks is hosting a “Swag Code Extravaganza Treasure Hunt today!” They will be releasing seven codes that will total 60 Swag Bucks today. You can follow the treasure map for each code in this blog post.

The first code out and available on Twitter until 7AM PDT.

They are also “officially declaring Wednesday as a Mega Swag Bucks Booty Day! ¬†Just like Fridays here at Swagbucks, tomorrow you have the opportunity to win BIG through Swagbucks Searches.”¬† You can earn up to 1,000 Swagbucks per search so be sure to use the search feature.


If you aren’t a Swagbucks member, check it out! I typically earn $25 in Amazon Gift Cards every month!!

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