Video Tutorial – Time-Out Glitter Bottle!

Enjoy this video tutorial on making Time Out Bottles!

Got a wild one on your hands? Relax your little ones with a Time-Out Glitter Bottle! Also known as Calm Bottle, Meditation Bottle, Relax Bottle or Fairy Bottle, these will help your child calm down & relax.

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*thanks My Crazy Blessed Life for the info


  1. Heather says

    How long did the glitter in your bottles take to settle? The child I’m doing this for would need at least 5 minutes haha. She’s extremely smart and mundane things definitely bore her. But she needs some time to actually calm down and think about why she’s in time out.

    • Carol says

      I set it to settle after 3 minutes – you can add more clear glue to slow the settling. You can try adding large sequins or confetti to it to make it a little more interesting to her! :)

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